RhinoCAM stuck on Multi-Threaded Machining Operations Regeneration Manager

I have been stuck when trying to regenerate my tool path. The Status bar in the Multi-Threaded Machining Operations Regeneration Manager window just continually runs for forever. I generated and regenerated a similar tool path that took around 45 min to run its course in that window, but my second one has run for over an hour multiple times and won’t regenerate. It is an engraving path that is 4 x 8 feet with thousands of curves that move in the x,y, and z direction. I have done this successfully a few times, always with a long wait to regenerate, but this last one just wont do it. Any help would be much appreciated. I have also tried on several different computers at my school, some of which are quite powerful, but I don’t know the exact specs. But they run Z-brush files with 400 million polygons without a hiccup, so I am pretty sure they have adequate RAM, and processing.

I would try breaking the one-shot operation into several smaller ops with a sub-selection of the curves. Just copy the op several times and then reselect the curve regions for each one.

Thanks, I will keep that in mind. I left it regenerating for a few hours and came back and it finally did complete the tool path. I don’t know if faster processing or more processing threads or more RAM will help with this sort of thing, but it appeared that I was using less than 7% of CPU during the regeneration.