RhinoCAM for v6 discussion thread

Hi all,

I am getting familiar with RhinoCAM and like it very much, but wondered where to interact with other folks who are learning to use it. Perhaps we can start a thread on the matter. I know there is a MecSoft forum, too…

I am using RhinoCAM to run a MultiCam CNC Router mostly for cutting boat parts but also getting into other interesting areas.

There have been several RhinoCAM related discussions on this forum. No one seems to object.

We’ve been using RhinoCAM for a couple of years now. Also very pleased with it, and the support.


The folks at MecSoft - Uday in particular - are unbelievably helpful. I would HIGHLY recommend RhinoCAM.

Yeah, I completely agree.

Yes, Uday provides help on RhinoCAM that exceeds my expectations.