RhinoApp.RunScript(string, bool);


Running a command through RhinoApp.RunScript method:
for instance RhinoApp.RunScript(! _Circle,true)
stores the command in the recent command list (command prompt -> right click) but if the command has parameters
for instance RhinoApp.RunScript(! _Circle _3Point,true) it doesn`t appears, and if you click with right button on the viewport to repeat the command it doesn’t work.

Is there something wrong with that, or I need to do any thing else.

Thanks and best regards

Hi @henrydm,

Try using RhinoApp.RunMenuScript instead…

– Dale

Hi Dale,

It doesn’t work either, RhinoApp.RunMenuScript has the same behavior than RhinoApp.RunScript

Kind Regards

Hi @henrydm,

In Rhino 6, try the new CRhinoApp::RunScriptEx function.

– Dale

Hi @dale,

Thanks but the function doesn’t exist in RhinoCommon, the only functions that exist in rhinoCommon are


and none of them work well with parameters, Could it be fixed in future versions?


Hi @henrydm,

Yes of course, Use this RunScript override.

– Dale