Rhino8WIP: Testmetal Imported PNG Bug

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Running on an M1 Macpro. Excited to contribute to how rhino runs on macs. Recently switched back to mac as my everyday laptop. I use a PC for the heavy lifting but I am happy to have experienced that Rhino 7 runs just okay for medium-sized files. Nothing phenomenal but it will get the job done when I’m on the go.

Noticed a bug with testmetal enabled on Rhino8WIP.
I use inserted PNGs a lot in my work as a landscape architect.

Below the PNG with testmetal enabled shows up as white boxes.

And here it is as it should be with the Legacy OpenGL

Hi Brandon -

We have that bug on our list as RH-67697.
I’ve added your thread in a comment so that a notification will be posted when that gets fixed.
Thanks for reporting!

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