Rhino8 install causes problems with selection and interactivity

Installed the evaluation version of Rhino8 and have got the following issues -

  1. When trying to drag out a window to select something I normally have a visual box which denotes the selection boundary - with R8 it has gone. Click/drag from left to right shows no box at all. Click/drag from right to left gives me a very, very faint blue box which is barely visible.

  2. My interactivity has gone - when using BlendCrv the interactivity of clicking a control point and dragging it has completely disappeared. Only when you release the mouse click does the graphics update.

So I uninstalled R8.

But the problems then infected my R7!

Uninstalled/reinstalled R7 and the problems are still there!!


Any suggestions for how to get back to a normal install of R7?

Thanks in advance,


Found out what it was - I’ve been fiddling with the antialiasing settings in the Advanced section of options - if I reset this to default values it all returns to normal.

Apologies, ignore me…

Promise I’ll stop fiddling in future…