Rhino8 Cannot update to new build, options greyed out. Please Help


When try to update my Rhino 8 installation the application downloads the most recent build successfully (build rhino_en_us_8.6.24101.05001.exe, as of this entry), but will not install automatically when I restart Rhino."My current build is 8.2.23346.13001, 2023-12-12. Also, checkbox marked “Enable Updates and Usage Statistics” is greyed out, ‘Update frequency’ is set to ‘Service Release’ , and ‘Check Now’ is greyed out. The status is stuck on “A new version of Rhino is ready to install”. I have restarted the McNeel update service and Modify-> Repair Rhino8 and restarted the computer, but the problem still persists. Screenshot of issue is here:

The OS is Win10 Pro x64, AMD Ryzen 9, Nvidia 4090 GPU. Does anyone have any recommendation, or should I do a clean install and download Rhino 8 from my account?


I discovered that I can navigate to the McNeel\McNeelUpdate\DownloadCache update folder in C:\Users(username)\Appdata\Local , and click on the .exe of the downloaded build to update Rhino8. Problem solved. I am new to this process. Hopefully, this will help someone on the forum :slight_smile: