Rhino7 Tutors in the Charlotte NC area?

Hello, I’m completely new to 3D design software and I’m literally “cutting my teeth” on Rhino7. I’m starting a Master’s Degree Program and we are in a workshop to learn how to use the software and we have assignments, but I missed a lot on the first day and in reviewing the video it’s just not sticking with me. I need a one-on-one tutor to help me learn this very complex tool. Is there anyone in the Charlotte, NC area offering in person tutoring? If not I can, although I prefer not to, settle for online tutoring, I’m just so over virtual socializing at this point.

T. L. Corley

Hi T. Latrina,

There are some options here…Rhino - Learn to use Rhino

You could try getting in with a local firm that uses Rhino, LS3P switched all their SketchUp users to Rhino not long ago.