Rhino7 toolbar pallette

Lashed out and bought the discount upgrade (Thanks for that McNeel!).
Trying to replicate the left toolbar pallette to the same as my Rhino5. I can change the size of the icons (preferences), but I need help to arrange the icons so there are 4 columns, not 5 as is the Rhino7 default.
Also, not so keen on the shortened layer naming in the right sidebar. Can I change that to replicate the older style?

Hi @hwansey-

Sorry for the delayed reply. I think screenshots (command+shift+4) for these two issues would help us better understand what you’re looking for here.

For example, in Rhino 7, I’m able to get 4 columns in the left-hand sidebar without much trouble by dragging the divider a little…

Again, I’m not sure exactly what you mean. I think a screenshot of what you are seeing, vs what you had in Rhino 5 would help.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Dan. Thank you for your response.
For some reason I was unable to get the 4 columns by dragging the divider. I was stuck with 5 and even changing the icon size did not result in the 4 column layout that I personally prefer. Also the dragging of the divider on the earlier version of 7, revealed that there was very little to be gained in either direction before the drag icon became ineffective.
However on trying the same thing now on Rhino 7 it works!

Kind regards,