Rhino7 super slow in rendered view with small file

Hi, I’m working on a small object in Rhino 7 on my brand new and strong Dell desktop. In shaded view everything works fine, as soon as I switch to rendered view any manipulation with the object becomes impossible due to extreme lagging and super slow response.

On the other hand, when I run the same file on my weaker laptop it runs normally. What could be the issue?

File in question is only 22 MB. On desktop Rhino is using 900 MB RAM, with 75% of RAM still unused.

Any other file on desktop runs smoothly, for example a 185 MB one with 2 GB RAM usage. Just the one seems to be lagging, and extremely so.

Desktop: i7 11700 processor, 48 GB RAM.
Laptop: i7 9759, 32 GB RAM


Hi @Anton_Divic
Start Rhino and run the SystemInfo command, then post the result here - it could very well be a graphics card driver that needs to be updated.
HTH, Jakob

Thanks, ran systeminfo which showed me that the integrated graphics card was the primary display adapter for some reason, fixed it.

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