Rhino7 save bug

If you click the “save” button while opening a file, it will not be overwritten, and a pop-up window will appear as when saving as “save as” and it will not be saved immediately.

What do you think should happen?

Existing files should be overwritten as soon as you click the save button. However, they are not overwritten and you are prompted to save with a new name.
So please fix it
Occurs intermittently, not always.
Did you understand?

Are you saving to a synchronized folder like Dropbox?

I don’t use anything like cloud.
Only local drives such as C: or D: are used.

OK, I don’t know what might be going on then…

Under Tools → Options → Rhino Otions → Advanced → …search box …keywoard ‘war’
Result: Rhino.Options.FileSettings.EnableFileLockingOpenWarning
Is flagged, true or false ?


Maybe it helps, try set it true, otherwise there are no warnings for ReadOnly Files.
…Win UAC…