Rhino7 Pictureframe Bug

Hello, I recently upgraded to Rhino7 and noticed an extremely annoying bug with Pictureframe. The attached file demonstrates the issue. Put two overlapping Pictureframe objects into your window. Lock one of the Pictureframe objects. Now, rotate the non-locked Pictureframe, selecting a point in the overlap region. When you try to rotate the Pictureframe, they flicker, making it very challenging to line up the Pictureframe to anything. If you lock both Pictureframes, and then simply zoom in, zoom out, you’ll notice they flicker also. I’m guessing the Pictureframes are swapping their z-order.

In the attached file, the white Pictureframe is locked, the black Pictureframe is unlocked. Select rotate, select the green point object in the circle, and try to rotate the black Pictureframe. Notice how the images flicker? Lock the black Pictureframe and zoom in, zoom out; you’ll notice the flickering also.

Rhino5 did not do this.
pictureframe bug.3dm (73.2 KB)

That happens with coincident surfaces, happens also in Rhino 6.

Move the black picture the tiniest amount up on the world z-axis, say 0.001, maybe even 0.0005, and you won’t get z-buffer fighting anymore.

Modifying the z-order seems like a work-around to me. I would hope this is on the pile of bugs to fix.