Rhino7 MacOS Walkabout

I have a late 2017 MBP with MacOS 11.5.2 Big Sur. I noticed Walkabout was not a standard feature of Rhino on Mac so I found the tutorial to give Rhino on Mac that functionality. While following the tutorial, I realised that my copy of Rhino7 has all of the appropriate scripts and buttons to run Walkabout mode. But for some reason it just doesn’t show up on the Set View menu or when I type in Walkabout. I can clearly see that Rhino has the functionality but for some reason is refusing to recognise it. How can I fix this?

It simply doesn’t seem to be implemented yet for mac users, as it is listed on the missing commands page.


That said, you can potentially do something similar with Grasshopper, where you would for instance make the viewport camera follow a predefined path curve to walk.