Rhino6sr13:rhino6 has stopped working

When I log in an algorithm and put a tolerance on 0.00001, it crashes.

code01.gh (267.8 KB)

yes i have this problem in rhino sr12 to sr13
rhino crash becuse grasshopper canot tolerate the Complicated (gh) file

:+1::+1:that’s exactly right

Changing this one slider to 0.00001 causes a crash?

If it didn’t crash in 6.12, is crashing in 6.13, then it appears it is no longer crashing in 6.14

You will crash in any situation even by changing that slider
Also in Rhino 6sr12…sr13

So you don’t in fact need all the geometry logic, all you need to crash is the slider and the document tolerance VB script? I can’t make it crash btw. running a 6.14 pre-release.

it does not crash
Because of the vb script run, and with rhino6 , which will change tolerance in rhino toolbars then happening crash and closes rhino when run the algorithm

I also reported the same problem for Rhino 6 sr12
every time grasshopper is loaded the rhino commands are delayed in executing, they delay in loading to make an action