Rhino6 - weaverbird mesh from lines problem

Hi, @piac
I use the component mesh from lines to create a mesh.
And the lines is exploded from the intersected polylines.
But the mesh has some holes.
I don’t know where is the problem.
Can you give me some help? Thank you!!!Snipaste_2020-06-18_21-51-04

Hard to say without a file. Duplicate lines maybe.

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It can be many things.

  • the polylines are not exploded
  • ends don’t meet within document tolerance
  • sheer luck. The algorithm does not guarantee to find all possibilities that the human eye might count as regions
  • other bugs

You may also try Rhino’s _MeshFromLines command.

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Thanks very much!!!
I use Rhino’s _MeshFromLines command and it works.

Maybe the problem is caused by the document tolerance.
By the way, does it effect the next operation if I change the tolerance in Rhino during the modeling process?
I mean whether only changing the tolerance before modeling make sense.
Thank you!