Rhino6 SR.31 doesn't start

Hello everybody,

after the update of Rhino in the last service release SR31, rhino crash at startup.

if i launch in safemode start correctly.

i try to disable all the plugins and activate one at one, but doesn’t solve.

i try to reinstall rhino, but doesn’t solve.

i don’t know what to do anymore.



  • Does Rhino V6 start in Safemode?
  • Is this a laptop or a desktop computer?
  • How many monitors are you running?
  • If more than one, how are your monitors connected to the computer?
  • If this is a laptop, is your LCD monitor configured as Windows’ Main Display?

yes, Rhino start in safemode
desktop computer
1 Monitor

Look in Windows Device Manager.
What model display adapter are you using and what is the date of the driver?

Hereafter the details:



Your Nvidia driver is old.
I’ll assume your Intel driver is old too.

If it were me, I’d update both drivers next.
Intel drivers from 6 November:

Nvidia drivers from 29 October:

Any luck?


both updated, same issue

When Rhino crashes on startup, are you sending in the crash report with your email address?


i make once…

if you want i can send directly the *.dmp file…


Yes please. Before you close the crash reporter, the crash dump file is on the desktop. Please Zip it up, and if it’s not too big, attach it to a reply.
If it’s too big, 'll get your a file upload link.


RhinoCrashDump.zip (6.3 MB)


Is your single monitor plugged into the Nvidia GPU directly or into the Intel through the computer back plate?

If we can eliminate the Intel it would be best.
Will your system boot up if you plug your monitor directly into the Nvidia GPU?

Your crash report shows Rhino is crashing in the Intel driver.