Rhino6: Reduce Mesh Bug

Hi All,

I am a new to Rhino. So far (even if my Mac is too old) I have had no problems.
But with Reduce Mesh it is not the case.

I have this Rhino version : Version 6 (6.18.19260.10102, 2019-09-17)
I am running on macOS High Sierra (10.13.6).

So, the issue is with the Locked Mesh Point : The add feature is not working.

When I use “Add all naked” in the “Reduce Mesh Options” window, it is working. But I want to add additional points.


When I click on “Add”, the window is disappearing and I get this new “window”:


“Done” button is disabled until I click on some points of my mesh.

So far, everything looks ok. The issue is that neither “Cancel” nor “Done” are working.
Clicking them just do nothing.

When I press the enter key I see the “Done” button highlighted but nothing is happening.

The only way I have to get out is to use the ESC key. Then I am back to the “Reduce Mesh Options” panel.

So, I can’t add any additional locked points.

It is a minor issue (since I am still in the exploration phase of the tool) but I wanted to report the problem.

I am on a full license (no evaluation).