Rhino6 Grasshopper mesh display disordered

Thanks, I’ll dig into this as soon as I get to the office.

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No matter how long I mess about with the sliders, the display simply fails to do anything out of the ordinary.

When I get back next week from a trip I’ll have to start figuring out how we can get information about these meshes from a computer where it does fail.

So strange. In the three computers I have available it glitches. Maybe you have a newer version of gh not available yet that it was fixed in? Or maybe it’s graphics card issues (My machines have nvidia gtx 980, 1070, 1080)?

I have encountered this as well

pl-e1 error.gh (46.2 KB)

Unify mesh component sometimes helps repair the display issue… But other times it causes it, so not a great fix I’m afraid

By the way… not the only mesh display issue we have.

and the mesh colour is also still unresolved:

David, any updates on this?

Hello David,
I am working with the Version 6 SR13 (6.13.19058.371, 02/27/2019) and still have display issue when using mesh in Grasshopper. Meshes continue to display when GH preview is off plus sometimes the mesh display acting weirdly.

I just found that the Custom preview component has a “render” option (right clic) that kind of overrides the GH display when in Render mode in Rhino.

There was supposed to be a fix for meshes which may have been responsible for the display issues. We had a really hard time replicating them and thus couldn’t be certain whether the changes would fix the issue.

Apart from the Custom Preview thing, are you still getting wrong mesh previews in non-rendered display modes (i.e. Wireframe, Shaded, Ghosted, but not Rendered or Raytraced)?

The display issue I had recently were in render preview mode it was during Jan/February with the up to date version of Rhino. For some reason I am not able to reproduce it today but I remember that when refreshing the GH definition by pressing F5 many times the display cycles through different version of the mesh. Not sure but it looks like a buffer issue… If it happens again I will send you the file.