Rhino6 Grasshopper mesh display disordered


(David Rutten) #24

Thanks, I’ll dig into this as soon as I get to the office.

(David Rutten) #26

No matter how long I mess about with the sliders, the display simply fails to do anything out of the ordinary.

When I get back next week from a trip I’ll have to start figuring out how we can get information about these meshes from a computer where it does fail.

(Michael Pryor) #27

So strange. In the three computers I have available it glitches. Maybe you have a newer version of gh not available yet that it was fixed in? Or maybe it’s graphics card issues (My machines have nvidia gtx 980, 1070, 1080)?

(Sculpterra) #28

I have encountered this as well

pl-e1 error.gh (46.2 KB)


Unify mesh component sometimes helps repair the display issue… But other times it causes it, so not a great fix I’m afraid


By the way… not the only mesh display issue we have.

and the mesh colour is also still unresolved:

(Andre) #31

David, any updates on this?