Rhino6 bugs about dim's Boundingbox

It seems there are some bugs for all the dim class in rh6.
like Rhino.Geometry.LinearDimension,Rhino.Geometry.AngularDimension and so on.
In rhino6 I can’t get the right boudingbox for the dims. In rhino 5 I can.
I have a simple test below.

  Private Sub RunScript(ByRef DimBox As Object) 

    Dim test As LinearDimension = New LinearDimension(plane.WorldXY, New point2d(100, 200), New point2d(200, 200), New point2d(150, 400))
    Dim bbox As boundingbox = test.GetBoundingBox(True)
    DimBox = bbox
  End Sub

@dale @DavidRutten
Test.gh (5.4 KB)

That looks like the same problem reported here:

It has been fixed for SR 6:

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Thank you! Great!