Rhino5 doesn't work in windows10

I just install rhino5 in lastest windows10 update and it doesn’t work. it took about 10 sec for a line to show up after I draw it. pls help

I’ve been using Rhino 5 in Windows 10 for several years with no problems.

What video cards/chips are you using? Have you updated your video drivers?

my video card is gtx960 drivers are up to date. its working in safe mode but not in normal one.

Hi Parke - what build of Rhino are you using - the latest? (SR13, see Help menu > About Rhinoceros). Are you running plain Rhino or are there some non-default plug-ins that are loading?


It is version5 sr13 64bit. I have no others plug in.

I just fix it by check “do not use opengl for drawing feedback items”. Ty so much for replying :slight_smile: