Rhino5 and external monitor

We have a user with a Dell Latitude 6430U laptop running Rhino v5.
Laptop specs: 16GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000 w/2GB VRAM, I7 processor @ 2.10GHz, Windows 7 Enterprise x64 w/SP1 installed.

The laptop is connected to an external monitor via Targus USB3 Docking station (DisplayLink).
When the user runs Rhino5, the external monitor hangs. She is still able to work on the laptop screen, but has to disconnect and reconnect to the docking station each time in order to get her external monitor working. This only occurs when Rhino is launched. When she runs any other applications she doesn’t see the same issue.

We have tried installing the latest graphics drivers and docking station drivers from the manufacturers, as well as swapping out the docking station for another known-good model.

Just curious if anyone has seen this issue before and has come up with a resolution for it?


I run my set up to an external monitor without problems (different laptop and monitor though).
Have you tried - if possible, to connect the display directly to the laptop, rather than through the docking station?