Rhino4 constantly crashing on New User

Can someone please explain to me why Rhino would crash almost immediately after opening on a PC it has been working on for about 2years, only change is that a New User is on this PC.

User N(Previous user) has been upgraded to a Rhino5 on a New PC. Now user D is using the same PC which never gave problems before but just under a different username.

First thing that comes to mind when reading this is that there are some files that are in a folder that are readable (writable?) for the previous user but not for the new user. When installing software, you typically are asked if you are doing so for all users on the PC or just the current user. Did you try installing Rhino again?

We did but perhaps it wasn’t done correctly?

I was wondering if it could have anything to do with the License and registration that might not be corresponding with the new username. Do you think this is possible?

Well, you will be needing a new licence anyway (i.e. upgrading an existing Rhino version to a new version gives you two different keys but they are still one and the same licence). But that should not cause the crashing. What if you run Rhino as administrator (i.e. right click on the icon and pick “Run as administrator”?

Yes, we got brand new licences for both Rhino5/Matrix 8 for the New PC.

But the older PC with the Rhino4/Matrix7.5 Licenses are now the problem with the new user.

I’m going to try your suggestion and see what happens.

Since this also involves a plug-in from an external supplier, I would try and see what happens if you run in safe mode.