Rhino3D on a touch screen

I’m trying to use Rhino on a touch screen. (Windows10 tablet)
I’d like to use it without having a mouse, but I can’t figure out how to clic! The tablet is multitouch, and it’s great to move, zoom-in or zoom-out, but for example if I want to insert a point, I have no idea how to do it, the location is never selected!

Any idea? Anybody working on touch screen exclusively?


Rhino was never designed to work on a tablet without a mouse.

I get it, but there might still be some work-around? It could even be with rhinocommon, since it will be used only in a home made plugin. Maybe some kind of mouse event?

Our project is to walk through a ship with the tablet and take notes on a Rhino drawing. A mouse cannot be an option in these conditions.

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It sounds like you would do better to post these questions where the developers will see them and not specifically Rhino end users.

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Hi @Matthieu_from_NAVINN,

Rhino’s support for touch screen devices is limited to view manipulation (e.g. pan, zoo, rotate view).

We have not hooked up point picking because it is not clear to us how to handle mouse over events, such as object snaps and smart tracking. A touch device doesn’t have such a concept of mouse over…

– Dale

What about the MouseCallBack?
Do you think we could figure out something using this?

Hi @Matthieu_from_NAVINN,

I honestly don’t know. On a standard system with a touch screen the touch events get mapped to mouse events so you are not suppose to have to do anything.

– Dale

Hi @dale,
Thanks for trying to help. The issue is only with views, where the finger position is registered but not the clic.
I will keep trying to figure out a solution and I will come back to you if needed.
At the moment, I’ve mapped a left clic to a physical button of the tablet, which is not user friendly but at least works.


For information I solved my touch screen issue with two custom windows forms:

  • One is a virtual click button
  • One is customized to display a selection cursor in the middle of the screen. It can display an arrow cursor for selection and a square cursor with adjustable size for zone selection.

When the button-form is clicked it emulate a mouse click or drag&drop with windows API’s