Rhino3d.com in endless loop, no access

Hi web-admin,

when I visit www.rhino3D.com I get this warning “You are logged off”. Clicking OK brings back this warning.

I am in an endless loop, and have no webpage access. Browser: Current Firefox 67.0.4. Help.



Hmm, don’t see that here. Try clearing your browser cache?

Clearing (F5) didn’t help. Brute force helped, I had to remove the Cookies from www.rhino3D.com.

Hi admin-team,

this error is back, and sucks. :wink:



As far as I can tell, everything on our end is up and running properly.
I have to assume the problem is on your end of the process.
Time to clear cookies again perhaps?

Hi John,

thank you for your tip, this works again.

Yes, the website is runing, but I suppose also buggy, sorry.