Rhino WISH: Incremental upgrades to UI

Rhino UI is far from great. We can all agree on at least that. Overhauling it immediately is not a sensible task as far as I understand. So, I’m going to try posting some of the incremental UI upgrade features that I think would make Rhino a more pleasant experience.

Today’s UI improvement is Clipping Plane control. It requires zero GUI.

1. Double clicking clipping plane toggles its active status on/off
2. Same for more than one grouped clipping planes.


Plus introducing a GUI Enhancement category here on the forum. :wink:

GUI is difficult if you are not an end user yourself. It is well known that core developers tends to be “blind” to good GUI design (I’ve been in that cave myself, and then I “outsourced” GUI design to others being outside the cave…).

It’s not that backend developers are “bad developers” (no no), it’s about what and where the focus should be, and that is not easy to see when in the (GUI-dark) coding cave.

But if providing good ideas about GUI’s, then good things can happen.

// Rolf

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Double clicking on the detail view border toggles its locked status.

Double clicking on a dimension toggles Fit Text (left/right) (outside/inside dim line if that feature is implemented)