Rhino wish guys

Sorry if this is a hasbeen question.

I have no idea where this idea came from.

I would like to be able to highlight my random multipoint curve and only see the quad points. Or I’d like to figure out a way where I can have quad points be different colors (?) than endpoints. For my awesome manual rebuilding skills… and for lots of other things.

Would love some feedback on this

Hello - would this be a marker or some kind of control?


Happiest with a visual marker.

You know, it would be real nice to separate the color, OR while in command, be able to select the quads, or the end points once the command is done… or have a selection option after, that would be pure bliss. I think it could be called “make selection” and then you have another 3 options, >end point >quads >all
yea that would be pure bliss

So… I am not following 100%… what is the goal? Is it to have point objects to snap to, to move the curve from the points? To turn on only the control points, if any at the quads? Please outline a blow by blow, for 5-year-olds, of what the work flow would be if you had these magic things.


LOL. well maybe it’s not as grand as I first initially thought. Nevertheless,

  1. import some linework from anywhere.
  2. analyze curve by eye
  3. select curve run command “makept”
  4. options on makept
    _quad pts (pick color)
    _end pts (pick color)
    _all pts
  5. result is a copy of pts that you selected on the curve that are quads and end pts with color. that way I can run a sel color command.

I could use this to do a curve thr pt — I might get a better result than a rebuild. but i also really like to generate pts… but I would have to play with it and see where it could get me

maybe there is something already available ?