Rhino WIP wish list: abort command and others

First of all, congratulations on the display performance improvements…

I have some very heavy STL files … over 3.5 million points. The parts can be viewed really fast. I have been trying to model using these scanned models as reference.

I find the following general limitations.

1, The mesh is so dense that I cannot make out the shape, even when shaded. The only way to visualise the shape was to switch off the mesh edges in the shaded display option.
It would be desirable to control the transparency of the edges.

2, There is no way to analyse the mesh for curvature. Although Draft, Environment and Zebra analysis works on meshes, Curvature analysis is only available for surfaces.
It would be desirable to extend the curvature analysis to meshes too.

3, I tried to Osnap with vertex option to snap some points to the scan. Unfortunately, Rhino went into a loop to find the nearest vertex on the mesh, and became unresponsive (understandably because of the very high density mesh). I had to abort Rhino. My machine has a 3.2 Ghz CPU with 32GB Ram and 3GB VRAM…
It would be desirable to be able to abort the current function. (ESC did not work) and/or do an emergency save.

Hi Rajeev - I made a mesh with 5 million+ points - here Vertex is very fast - instant. What was the actual command that was running and using the Vertex snaps?

You may want to make a special ‘dense mesh’ display mode, or just modify your Shaded to remove the mesh wires and, probably, to use Shade-highlighting…


Hello Pascal,

Yes, the vertex snap works like you described, but only in wireframe mode. The problem happens in shaded mode and is repeatable. In both modes, I was working in the perspective view port.

I modified the shaded option to hide the mesh wires (otherwise I cannot visualize the model). If I then use the vertex snap, Rhino waits forever.

I was trying to create a surface using Corner Points.

In Rhino 5 (on the same machine), although the frame-rates are slower than Rhino 6, the vertex snaps works in all modes.

Hi Rajeev - thanks, I’ll dig into this more.