Rhino WIP takes longer to open a file than Rhino 5

My model consists of:
Command: Show
Showing 415 hidden objects.
Command: SelBadObjects
24 curves added to selection.
Command: SelAll
643 block instances, 9 extrusions, 230 hatches, 230 points, 616970 curves, 8 polysurfaces, 869 surfaces, 8 meshes, 1 annotation leader, 10 linear dimensions, 604 text added to selection.

When I open it in Rhino 5 it takes about 20 seconds to complete where as in WIP it’s more like 6 minutes.

The majority of the contents are imported DWG files hence the blocks etc. When I strip these layers out the so that there is only the Rhino generated Polysurface then File opens in 2 seconds.

If any one at McNeel would like the file for further exploration I can upload it via the ftp link.

On a minor note both Rhino 5 and WIP state that 26 bad objects were created on opening but I can only select 24 curves.

26 bad objects were created while reading "J:\Jobs\J10507\Calcs\Rhino\J10507_3D_Model_20150813.3dm"
File “J:\Jobs\J10507\Calcs\Rhino\J10507_3D_Model_20150813.3dm” successfully read
Command: SelBadObjects
24 curves added to selection.

Why the disparity?

Yes, please use www.Rhino3D.com/upload to send it to tech@mcneel.com Also reference this forum post in the upload comments.

I’ve tried to upload the file and keep getting an error. The First one was my bad as I hadn’t compressed it but I tried Zipped and got a Web Page error and the saved small and zipped and got a File Server error.

Have you received any?

Our shall I try a different FTP method like mediafire?

Hi Danny, sorry for the delay. I don’t find an upload email to our tech support account which is the default for the upload page. Nothing to my mcneel email as well which is brian.james@mcneel.com if you replaced the recipient email. You can send any other link too to tech@mcneel.com like a dropbox or google drive link and that should work as well. Sorry for the trouble, having a reproducible file here to show this is how I can file something for the developers and get this tuned up or determine what’s the cause.