Rhino WIP - Request To Not Pass The Default Output In Null Text Dots


I’ve been utilizing the new text dot component in Rhino WIP Grasshopper extensively and it’s great!

One thing I would like to see changed is that an empty text dot node returns a null “Td” output.

By default if nothing is hooked up into any of the Text Dot components it still returns “Text Dot (A)” as an output.

This is problematic when working with data trees and trying to sort/cull empty branches and also problematic when baking text dots as (in my opinion) if a text dot is not populated with information I do not want it to show up and be baked, however currently empty text dots will still get baked showing the “Text Dot (A)” default output.

Example with null location value but text information:

Example with all null/empty values:

For now I am using a stream filter logic gate to return a null/empty item if the location for the text dot is null but it would be great if the default behavior of the Text Dot component returns null if location or text is empty.

Thank you!

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