Rhino WIP pointclouds and large mesh

There is a memory issue with the WIP regarding points and pointclouds.

I extracted a set of meshes from a complex file, deleted the objects and joined the meshes.
The result was a 1.8 M polygon mesh and selecting the object is fast in V5 but in V6 it takes a few seconds.

Extracting the vertice points is quite fast in V5 (ExtractPT) and it is possible to quickly transform it into a pointcloud. It used 3GB ram. In V6 this was not possible as the memory usage exceeded 8GB.

Join two pointclouds into one.
Split a pointcloud into parts, either split by surface, by line, or by dragging a rectangle.

Hi Jorgen-

thanks, I’ll test this.
Pointcloud wishes added…

OK, tested a little: Here, large mesh selection is fast as V5. Creating a point cloud directly from a large mesh (not sure if that is how you are doing it) is very fast- noticeably quicker in my test than in V5…


Note that point cloud display changed a lot in the latest WIP, released yesterday. Do you have the latest WIP Jorgen?

Hi Pascal.
I didn’t test to see if it was possible to make a pointcloud directly from a mesh, so I extracted the points first.

@brian yes that’s why I am testing it out.

Bug: Using PointCloud and chosing Remove and selecting the points is veeery slow. (Latest WIP)
But the subselection (Shift-Ctrl) and delete is very fast.
I would love to see that as a “split” command too. So it is pos
sible to make a new pointcloud from that selection.

Also exploding a pointcloud is very slow in the latest wip.