Rhino WIP - GH error missing components

I just installed the latest version and have the following error in GH…
any suggestion on what to look for to solve this issue?

Work In Progress
(8.0.23150.10305, 2023-05-30) Commercial


This happened to me a few builds back and in task manager I had some Rhino WIP instances running still in the background that I closed, then restarted the computer and it worked as expected.

Hope that helps you!

unfortunately, I still have the same issue after restart

Another windows tech support style response for you here… did you try removing rhino wip from your add/remove programs list in Windows, deleting the Rhino 8 folders in C:/…/App Data and then reinstalling with the latest exe?

I think that’s actually what I had to do now that I’m jogging my memory.

If not, I’m sure someone will be along shortly with the solution.

thanks for your reply …

so the issue was when I updated Rhino WIP during closing in fact it install a second instance of Rhino.
I uninstall the old one but it still did not work so I uninstall the new version and install the new one again…now it works fine.


Ahh yes thanks for sharing, that’s what happened to me as well. Glad you got it working!