Rhino WIP Feature: PushPull Workflow

You can avoid the constant use of Ctrl+Shift for sub-object selection by enabling the Selection filter. It’s a bit cumbersome, but at least gives you some alternative. Keep in mind that selecting whole objects while “Sub-objects” is active is done by holding the Ctrl+Shift keys. It’s also accessible through the “Filter” button at the bottom of the screen next to “Record history”.

In my opinion, it would be nice if Rhino by default uses a different approach for the aforementioned button. Currently, no matter of the “Filter” button is active or not, selection filter is always active. This does not make any sense. :slight_smile: Deactivated “Filter” should deactivate the selection filter… At least this is my logic.
Also, while “Filter” is inactive, clicking on it opens the “Selection filter” pop-up window, which is another inconvenience. I suggest to open that particular pop-up window by right-clicking (and optionally click on the existing “Show selected filters panel” option), while a LBM click on the inactive “Filter” button should activate the selection filter without showing the pop-up menu.

There must be a tickbox in the “Selection filter” called “Highlight”, so that the user could easily switch between a solid yellow colour (or any custom one) for the selected face(s) or just the outline while the face itself retains the object colour and material.

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Agreed with selection filter off behaviour. I now run macros to enable all or enable only 1 filter, which is less convenient to what you describe as default behaviour.

I like how you articulated the pros and cons.

I will create an alias and see the results.

I appreciate your insight.

BTW, you put a lot of effort into RhinoDev. Take a rest… Hehe… :laughing:

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My biggest secret is that I’m a Rhino developer. :rofl:

The following bug also needs to be addressed. First extrusion to the right side is fine, but then the second extrusion to the opposite direction creates an unwanted split edge instead of automatically merging the co-planar faces.


I assume you mean when extruding with the gumball. That issue is open here and I’m hoping to work on it soon.

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HI! By GUI UPGRADE, I basically mean something like this! Too many clicks.

Yes, I noticed that the 2nd extrusion operation fails to merge the co-planar faces automatically, whereas the first one is able to do that.

More than 20 years ago the “@Last Software” company patented the 3D PushPull method in SketchUp 1.0/2.0
(US6628279B1 - System and method for three-dimensional modeling - Google Patents). Autodesk later implemented “PressPull” for something similar in 3D. What are the current status of the patent? I remember Google continued this patent when they aquired SketchUp but what about Trimble?

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Good for us it expired 2 years ago!


The fastest & most skilled SketchUp/Maya/Rhino/… users can not draw a sketch as fast as using pencil and paper if you understand what I mean.

These are different tools for different purposes. You can not ask for a sniper gun that has the same features as an assault gun, and vice-versa. You can not bring your 3dsmax habit into Revit. And choosing the right tools is very important. Based on your “style” of working, you should choose the right tool. I met a guy who only designs houses in Bauhaus style (aka German boxes) and he uses Maya, he should use SketchUp instead.
So I dont think bringing your habit from SketchUp into Rhino is a good question here. I think SketchUp & Rhino have different target audiences. Rhino doesnt have to copy SketchUp modelling styles. And for the users, “how can I do in A tool in the same way as B tool ?” is not a good mindset.


You have a valid point but then again constraints have been added to Rhino 8 and would you now say go use SolidWorks instead and rather not have constraints available in Rhino?

I think Push Pull is an amazing tool for quickly modeling boxy stuff and if I can do that in Rhino and not have to use Sketchup then that’s a benefit for me.


interesting :thinking:

I’d like to have the ability to select any direction, in the same way we can hit “d” to change it from ortho mode while extruding edges or surfaces.

Really nice improvement by the way! :slight_smile: Much appreciated!

That seems reasonable. I opened an issue here.

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Have you tried the _PerspectiveMatch command in Rhino?

Found some bugs playing with the PushPull:

i did try this in past but it did not work at all. do yoy have experience with that command that it works reliably??

@cadmaster As far as I can see that works as designed.

What are you seeing as a bug here?

Remember that push pull is different than subobject selection and manipulation.

push pull extrudes in or out and combines the coplanar faces. (you can also use the extend options)

sub object selection and manipulation moves OR extrudes faces.

Different tools for different results. (albeit subtle)

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I see a visual bug at 10 seconds into the video. Maybe that is what is being reported.