Rhino WIP Feature: Get ready for .NET 7!

I noticed this tweet recently:

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Many CPUs, even older ones use/have AVX. Is there any chance that Rhino can make use of it, now that it is accessible through the new .NET version?

One specific case of a “free” performance improvement was when optix for raytraced was introduced. That speedup felt magical to me. Now the move to the newer cyclesX with RH8WIP brings jet another very noticeable improvement - no new hardware/investment required. With that in mind I thought it would be really nice if you guys could find a way to utilize AVX capable hardware through the new .NET. I know it probably won’t be related to rendering but hopefully there is something in Rhino that would benefit from AVX. Maybe something Grasshopper related?

Ok is where any example with a plugin using net 7.0. I run into some issues. Is where any Rhinocommon complied against net 7.0?

so, what is the Default value? is it netfx or netcore?

.NET core 7 is the current default in Rhino 8: Rhino - Moving to .NET 7

Rhino 7 is .NET Framework 4.8

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Thank you clarifying,
It is going to be a windows vista moment for some plugins, especially for the older ones that are no longer in development, I guess time to move on.

By default, that could be. We are trying to improve the information when a plugin does not load so that some people might be able to switch the runtimes if needed.

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Is it possible at runtime to test whether Rhino is running in framework or core?
ie some property in Rhino.Runtime or similar?

Sorry if I’ve overlooked it.



I believe Environment.Version would let you know


Thanks, hadn’t found that. Works great.

Oh… does that mean it only supports one runtime at a time?

So if the user wants to run a legacy 4.8 plugin and set their version of 8 to use the 4.8 runtime, then a 7.0 based plugin would stop working?

Dose .NET 8 come with Rhino 8 too? .NET 8 (LTS) is in RC1 now, seems like it will release next month.

No, we plan on sticking with .NET 7 for Rhino 8. We will explore the next version of .NET with Rhino 9.

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