Rhino WIP crashing constantly

Crashed again. This time dragging and dropping a metal material onto a polysurface.

Hi Sach, Please run Reset before or after updating the WIP. This cleared up an odd UI crash for me this week.

Thanks @Japhy I’ll give that a go.

I got this the other day also:

@sach as for your last error:

The OpenGL error code 3 message suggests an issue with your PC’s graphics (GPU) driver . Reinstalling the NVIDIA display driver could fix such an issue. We recommend that you cleanly reinstall your graphics card’s driver as covered in our guide to cleanly reinstalling GPU drivers on Windows.

Thanks @Gijs

Do you have the steps on how to do this? Is it just uninstalling the existing driver, downloading and installing the latest one?

Yes, download the latest and when installing, choose the clean install option.

I wonder if this is distantly related to how my Arc is handling the viewports, as I get display crashes and lockups too.

Crashing again after @Japhy suggested resetting. Crashed when trying to right click and Show Toolbar in the toolbar area. No crash window available to report it…

I know this may sound utterly daft (and unrelated), but have you tried disabling the “GPU Tessellation” mode in the display options?

I’m wondering if it is something silly like the Intel Iris Xe driver conflicting, regardless of being directed to use the A1000? Really long shot I know, but maybe it could be worth a go, even if it allows you to do a bit of work.

I’m doubtful it will work here. But may be worth a go.

Thanks David. Let’s see if I can figure out how to go about doing that.

I’ve also been getting a blue screen a few times in the last few weeks, although it come and goes too quickly for me to get a grab of it. Today it remained on screen so I took a snap: I’ll send in a mo.

Not sure if this is related to Rhino. I use my machine predominantly for Rhino; hasn’t happened when doing other things… this may just be coincidental but thought it’s worth mentioning:

hi @sach I think it is very unlikely that Rhino will cause BSOD’s. When I searched for your system in relation to BSOD’s I found:

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Crashed again… Just rotating around and selecting surface cvs.

@sach I was wondering if you tried the solution that was offered in that link I sent?

Not yet @Gijs . It looks like a complicated process…

I did however update the intel graphics driver…

Do you think the BSODs have anything to do with this?

I have an HP service pack. I might just call them to fix it. Do you think they can?

hi @sach to me it didn’t look too complicated, basically doing a clean install for the intel driver. I would personally try that first myself, before calling HP, but if you are not comfortable with it and prefer to use the service pack you have, I can understand. As stated, it is highly unlikely that Rhino can cause blue screens, trying out a clean driver is the first thing to try.

Great @Gijs I’ll try that first.

blue screens can seem to be caused by user mode applications like rhino, but this is only because they may ask the system to do something which uncovers a kernel or driver issue, or failing hardware

if none of your other software makes requests that trigger the underlying issue, it can make it seem like the application in question (here, rhino) is the cause, when it is really only exposing that the deeper issue exists

an analogy would be having a system that usually seems to perform fine, but overheats when doing some heavy calculation; it may run fine for weeks with dozens of other more lightweight applications, and yet overheat every time when trying to do that heavy calculation