Rhino WIP - blocked object losing transparency and material

Hi - I am having a weird problem with the new WIP - when I make a block of a window with transparent glass, the glass color and transparency disappear after blocking. Please see image here. Somehow the blocking process changes all objects to the same opaque color material. Need help! Thanks.

Hi Matt -how is the material assigned to the glass, pre-block? By layer, by object, etc…?


Hi Pascal - it was applied by object but same result when switched to material by layer. I did not have the problem with the previous WIP that just expired. I just discovered that this does not happen if I block only the glass surface by itself. The problem occurs when I block the glass together with the window frame, which is on a different layer with a different material. Seems like the frame’s material is taking over the glass and the blocking is not supporting multiple materials.



Hi Matthew - yep, I see this, thanks.


Is there a solution to fix this?

Well, it looks like a bug in the viewport display - rendering gets it right.



RH-37939 is fixed in the latest WIP