Rhino Windows OS compatibility mode?

When I call Environment.OSVersion in my plugin I get 6.2.92 even though I’m running Windows 10. According to this thread that means I am running in compatibility mode. However adding an app.manifest as directed in the thread doesn’t seem to do anything. Does Rhino itself run in compatibility mode? Is there a reason for this? (I’m running Rhino 5).

Hi @Max_Eskin,

The Environment.OSVersion property does not provide a reliable way to identify the exact operating system and its version. Therefore, it is not recommend that you use this method.

If the .exe’s assembly manifest doesn’t explicitly state that the .exe assembly is compatible with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.0, then Environment.OSVersion will return Windows 8.0 version. which is what you are seeing.

– Dale

Right, I’m just wondering if there’s a reason why Rhino’s assembly manifest doesn’t state that it’s compatible. Is it incompatible, or is it an oversight?

Well, Rhino 5 shipped on Sep 27, 2012 and Windows 10 shipped on July 29, 2015. Perhaps that has something to do with it. Who knows…

– Dale