Rhino Visual Tips v5 usb stick website based is not working at all

I need to find out about doing sections and bent ones and with no replies as yet to my thread and needing to urgently do so, I decided to use my Visual Tips McNeel usb V5 that replaces the very useful dvd that was such with V4.
I double click Play_Visual_Tips.html in usb root,
I click the search icon to type in ClippingPlane and website error 404 appears.
The address to which the search icon is linking is:-

so now I have no means of searching for something on the stick this way.

Why has the website that the stick uses lost the ability to work with the stick ?
What now ?

Furthermore at 17-09 I eventually find Clipping Plane, click it and a blank page, black with McNeel icons, in fact others are also BLANK, Nothing works. :cry:

I have tried you tube but folk there dont show what I want and take 20 mins to even get going, waffle, not to the point etc etc. they are not good at in a nutshell tutorials, we shouldnt have to rely on them, the stick is for those buying V5.
1 hr getting nowhere.

Also we need a way of finding commands that uses plain english keywording for a command, Typing bent section making is more intuitive than trying to know what McNeel has caused it. A beginner doesnt know it might be ClippingPlane as that just doesnt spring to anyones mind for such a requirement.
How does one search the stick for such basic english wording needs ?



No you can’t have jogged clipping planes.