Rhino viewport widgets similar to Dynamo?

which is plugin for Rhino viewport widgets?
In this picture (Peek ViewPort)
The result of this plugin is active ViewPort in background of Grasshopper Convas similar dynamo in Revit but we Can’t select Object in viewport ; So i suggest that add bottom To user enable Or disable Selectable Viewport)
Or we glad if anyone suggest c# code for this purpose !
In this topic some example but very cool if add enable or disable bottom to select able object in viewport :

I don’t know api for this purposes


canvas_c#.gh (16.6 KB)

I don’t think there is a plugin or a way to show viewport like in Dynamo.

i found this plugin:
And i try to found way for selectable viewport object by toggle bottom!


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Looks useful

Peek Viewport

Displays a non-interactive Rhino viewport as the grasshopper canvas background (CPU heavy task)

The developer said CPU heavy task, looks like Dynamo still work better and faster