Rhino Videos that can half fill screen to work along to

found video on intro to rendering but unable to have it part fill screen as I work along to it, its impossible to remember everything in it then repeat afterwards, but its either very small amidst others or it fills full screen and no way of docking it to rhs of monitor.


Where are there videos for Rhino that can be sized on screen so as to work along to ?


Hi Steve,

1. Select the “Share” icon on the videos,

  1. Then you can copy the URL as can be seen here:

Now you can view any video at any size in your browser.

// Rolf

Even inside Rhino, with WebBrowser.


Ops, never used that one. Shame on me. :slight_smile:

// Rolf

Just get a second monitor. They’re cheap. Once you use 2 monitors you will wonder how you got along without them.


no space for a second monitor though,