Rhino vi/vim integration instead of atom?

I’m more of a vi/vim than an Atom guy. Wondering if there’s any documentation out there on the API used by StartAtomEditorListener that’d set me up to write a vi/vim macro that could shoot a block of Python code into the same interface for execution. I realize this might mean writing some code to push a block of code (likely via an HTTP REST interface) and there’s likely some security issues I’d also need to deal with.

I tried to search the forums and google for any other attempt at this problem, and have not found anything yet. If I missed something obvious, would be grateful for a clue. :slight_smile:


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I realize vim/vi has some haters out there, and that’s cool…to each their own.

A lot of coders grew up with vi though and they just prefer that environment as their native system. I realize that Atom has a “vi key settings” options, but that’s not what I am looking for. Would prefer to use all of the rest of vi/vim with Python and Rhino.

I’ll bet there may be others who have the same preference.

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No idea about the listener and API, but just wanted to add: yay vim!

@jesterKing – Cool to see the support out there. Yeah vim!

Just to keep the dialogue moving, I see that when I start the Atom editor listener; rhino says:
Listening for Atom editor requests on port 8080 …

…which is a standard HTTP port. I’ll guess I could just try to reverse engineer the protocol from some linux traffic monitoring tools. Just like with tmux, I could define some vim macros that’d take highlighted code and write it to disk; then use curl (if its HTTP) to shoot the code on over.

Just thinking out loud here. Happy to take any input anyone else has to offer.


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Perhaps @Alain may be of assistance here. I believe he worked on this Atom integration.

I’m more of a vim than atom guy al well. Sorry, there are no docs published but looking at the source of the Atom package may help: