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I am newbie at programming and I made a clipping plane plugin in visual studio 2015, and uploaded it to food4rhino.

But i got feedbacks that the plugin is not suitable for earlier version of Rhino5 (SR6). How can i configure it that suits for all rhino versions (is it possible)?

Plugin is at the below link, if needed.


FWIW, there is no good reason at all for anyone not to update from SR6.

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Hi Serdem,

Plug-ins only load in the version of Rhino they were built against or newer. For example, if you build you plug-in against Rhino 5 SR12, it will load in SR13 and SR14. But it will not load in SR11, SR10, etc.

This should not be a problem for anyone, especially those who run the Fooo4Rhino site, as there are plug-in on the site that have Rhino version requirements. Here is one, for example:


Perhaps your page on Food4Rhino should state the Rhino requirement?

– Dale

Thanks for your advices Dale, it would be better to write Rhino requirements then.