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I am newbie at programming and I made a clipping plane plugin in visual studio 2015, and uploaded it to food4rhino.

But i got feedbacks that the plugin is not suitable for earlier version of Rhino5 (SR6). How can i configure it that suits for all rhino versions (is it possible)?

Plugin is at the below link, if needed.


(Wim Dekeyser) #2

FWIW, there is no good reason at all for anyone not to update from SR6.

(Dale Fugier) #3

Hi Serdem,

Plug-ins only load in the version of Rhino they were built against or newer. For example, if you build you plug-in against Rhino 5 SR12, it will load in SR13 and SR14. But it will not load in SR11, SR10, etc.

This should not be a problem for anyone, especially those who run the Fooo4Rhino site, as there are plug-in on the site that have Rhino version requirements. Here is one, for example:


Perhaps your page on Food4Rhino should state the Rhino requirement?

– Dale


Thanks for your advices Dale, it would be better to write Rhino requirements then.