Rhino V8 MAC

Opened Rhino on the Mac all my toolbars gone top, right and left just completely gone, if I could find where the config files are I could probably restore it, or if Rhino8 had a default button I could probably press that but I can find the either, I am not a fan of this version at all!

happened to me after an RH8 update as well. I just manually reconfigured all my panels again…
@dan ?

Hi -

Did this happen after installing a new version, after a crash, a reboot, …?

In Rhino 8, you can restore the default window layout from the menu: Window -> Window Layouts -> Default or by using the WindowLayout command.

When you create a custom window layout, make sure to save that so that it can be restored.

If anyone has details on how to reproduce the containers going missing, please let us know.

To my rescue again, I did actually find it in the end. Thank you again.
How are your Grasshopper skills?

This sounds a lot like this bug which we think/hope we may have squashed in 8.3. If you use the most recent Service Release Candidate and still experience this, please let us know.