Rhino V7 Webcam Crash report

I have a usb camera microscope which works in all other cam programs on my computer but crashes in Rhino.

RhinoDotNetCrash.txt (1.0 KB)

Hi Roland -

It’s the crash dump file that we’ll need. That file gets deleted when you close the crash reporter dialog. Are you sending in the report?

The error from the attached file points at an error inside whatever component of whatever plug-in you’re running there.

An internet search points to for instance incorrect or missing direct show filters. Another possibility could be having multiple (web) cameras connected to one USB controller (on OBS forum one thread).

Hi Wim,
Weird thing Rhino only generated that file no crash dump or I missed it. After I closed rhino I saw that on the desktop. No big deal I have other nicer programs for this that work, but it sure would be nice if this would work in Rhino. All my other programs that have webcam worked right out of the box with the microscope cam, only Rhino didn’t.
I already sent in my wishes for the webcam it would be great if there would be more serious updating done to that.