Rhino v6 support for multiple licensing models

We are currently using the cloudzoo for our serving our company’s licensing. It’s not perfect, but it does work pretty well. We have an additional piece of software (RhinoNest) that has just released a new version which support v6 but only the ‘local zoo’ version at the moment. Their support has said they are working on a version that will support the CloudZoo.

My question is, can a user that is licensed via ‘the cloud zoo’, pull a RhinoNest license from a ‘local zoo’?

Currently we have one seat of v5 installed that still points to the local zoo hosting the the v5 version of RhinoNest.

Yes, I that works.
I’m running Rhino 6 using a Cloud Zoo Team license and Flamingo nXt 5 using a LAN Zoo.

Thanks John. I’ll give it a shot.