Rhino V6 Sub-D Modifier

Since Rhino V6 seems to get a SubD toolset, I have the following request:

Adding a Polypen similar to the one in Cinema 4d

i.e. having a modifing tool (gumball) that automatically detects a vertex, edge or polygon by simply mouseing over the geometry. This way you wont need to toggle between vertex-mode, edge-mode or polygon-mode, which only allows to modify one of each at a time.

An autoweld/snapping option would also be extremly nice. Thats means if you drag a vertex or edge close enough the next vertex or edge, they automatically snap and weld, which is extremly usefull and helps avoiding naked edges.

Best regards!

The other possibilities shown might be inspirational too:

Hello - Just to be clear, as of now, there is no plan to include Sub-D tools in Rhino 6.


My bad! You might delete this topic then!

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Can you elaborate on what type of implementation of sub-d functionality -if any- there will be?
Can we assume sub-d functionality to be included in a beta type plugin?


As far as I know, the sub-d stuff will simply not reach sufficient a level of maturity/reliability to be included in a release version of Rhino. The sub-d tools will continue to b available in the WIP. As you may or may not know, the future path for windows Rhino is to always have the WIP version available in parallel to the release version - as is the case with MacRhino currently.


I was indeed not aware of that, thanks for the info.