Rhino V6 slows down with two or more files open



Viewport manipulation is very slow in V6 WIP if I have two or more files open. I could even get it to crash by pressing and holding “home” (UndoViewChange). I did send the crash dump. Happens on both my MacBook and iMac.

Same problem in the release version of V6 Windows if you have two files open as a worksession… Rhino freezes, but no crash dump.

Are you able to repeat these problems?

SystemInfo_iMacPro.txt (2.2 KB)
SystemInfo_MacBookPro.txt (9.2 KB)


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Philip - I’m checking on this - thanks, sorry for the delay - is is still a problem?.



Yes, it’s still a problem. @Andy might have more information. I visited him a couple of weeks ago (with my laptop).



This is still a problem in the latest WIP…


(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Philip - I see lags from time to time - severe ones sometimes , but it is not in the display or view manipulation, it is in selection and reaction time in a command. I cannot quite pin it down yet - right at the moment, it’s fine…



I also see lags - other than the viewport manipulation thing I mentioned here - I was about to report these as well. It’s obviously a good thing that you have the same problem from time to time :grinning:

About the viewport manipulation problem… What if you try to “zoom home” by first pressing the home button - and the continue zooming home by switching to the space bar (repeating “UndoViewChange”). This is an old (bad) habit of mine. On my old computer pressing “home” was zooming slower than first pressing “home” and then space bar…