Rhino V6 - Oneview and curves angle constrain some axis do not remain

Not sure if I am doing something wrong here but here we go:

I tried to make use of the oneview enabled with default settings. Using only the 3d perspective view to draw some curves, if I constrain the angle of the curve, Hold shift to find the 45 angle and the hit tab in order to lock the direction, my curve does not line up with my starting point which is already aligned on my current plane.

As an example, from a right construction plane, I have my first point at X0,Y0,Z0 and extending the curve along the Y and Z axis (for the 45 degrees), the X does not remain 0 but gets below 0.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Hi Nick- I do not see this so far - once I hit Tab, that direction seems to stay locked in as expected…


Hi Pascal,

Thanks, you are right. What I did was, tried to create a series/continuous curves at different directions and orientations. The oneview works as describes and the plane aligns to my current view automatically every time I activate a tool.

Is it possible to configure oneview somehow in order the construction plane to get updated every time i rotate my view without reactivating an operation?