Rhino V5 - Pick list no longer appearing near cursor?

Recently, the pick list that pops up when selecting stacked objects has stopped appearing near my mouse cursor. Instead, it always comes up in (roughly) the middle of the perspective viewport, irrespective of which viewport I’m working in. I’m using standard 4View. Is there a Rhino system setting I can check to sort this out, or is this down to a Windows system setting? Tool tip offset is set to X=20, Y=20,but I’m not sure that’s relevant to this.

Mi @MattE

right-click on the list and from the popup setting, check the top option “follow cursor”.
That shoud fix it.


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Perfect! Thanks Jarek. I’m not sure how that got unchecked.

Coming up 20 years of using Rhino and that’s the first time I’ve had the need to touch it…