Rhino V5 FREEZE: Win 10 1709, nVidia display adapters, & V-Ray 3


(John Brock) #82

Your description of how to fix this Rhino V5, V-Ray 3, in Win 10 1709 seems to not be working:


Not working at all.
I am in contact with vray support, but since yesterday, they didn’t answer my calls. Still waiting for fix…
My work mate revert his win 10 machine to before Windows 10 fall creators and since then he didn`t had issues at all. Rhino and Vray work properly. Unfortunately my Win 10 machine here lost that recover option. So i can not revert back in time.

(Djordje Trkulja) #84

Exactly the same issues here.
Same problems like Architex and like you wroted about this blurryness. All same! Still no solutions.
I am at work, losing expencive time and at home I work on extra projects, I have enabled autosave in rhino every 3 minutes, but when working in large files, every 3 minutes my computer is taking a while to save this large file. I think McNeel should find this solution and talk with Microsoft to fix it. (Yes, I have updated my Windows10 recently, and the problems began exactly after the latest Windows update) So please someone do something about it… It’s new major issue for everyone and it will last for everyone until fixed!

(Wim Dekeyser) #85

This is a VRay issue so you’ll have to take it up with Chaos Group.


I share your words.
Here at office we are feeling really frustrated. Impossible to have a smooth workflow.
Our clients and co-partners are angry because our work deliveries is timeless.
Our bosses are badly pissed off about this.

Please someone help us to find a fix method for it.

(Djordje Trkulja) #87

They have a great name for company, tho… CHAOS!


Don’t use beta software for production. (And since VfR has no active beta testing team of power users anymore … we all have a problem.) I still stick at VfR2.


I think it is better to give a try on other render softwares… more stable ones and cuda force.
Thea render, Arion, Octane, etc…


If you need an allrounder and render a lot of interiors within tight deadlines, than there I see no alternative for Vray. Only Enscape helps to get interiors fast done, but it has other limits (it’s very good for architecture viz).


If you say so ! :frowning:


Hello again everyone,

The Chaos Group team has tracked down the suspected cause of this problem. We’re still in the process of determining whether it is the sole cause so it would be tremendously appreciated if you could provide any info which has been requested.

If you haven’t heard from the Support team yet, please send me a Private Message with the email you’ve contacted Chaos Group.
Thank you for your patience!

@LowEndSoftware we expect this solution to affect you positively as well. Let me know if you would like to give it another try.

Kind regards,
Peter Chaushev
V-Ray for Rhino QA


Hi Peter Chaushev.
We have sent you right know a message to your; Chaos Group contact support team.

Best regards.


Now I’m getting hopeful again!
I’ll be crossing my fingers for this solution :smiley:
Any idea as to when we can expect this fix?


(Javier) #95

Also seeing random freezing within Rhino with V-ray plugin enabled. Windows 10 1709. Even if no commands are entered, the model is open and idle the machine will randomly freeze.
Freezes only occur when Rhino is open with V-ray plugin loaded.
If I don’t open Rhino the machine will be stable with no freezes.

(Squeeze99) #96

Same problems, same freezes. Finally solved with last 12/12 updates just relased.!!


The update didn’t do anything different for me though ;S

(Michaelmacneill) #99

I have been experiencing the same issues. some non-ideal solutions:

for the blurriness just turn off hardware acceleration
for the freezing the only thing i have found to be helpful is to simply uninstall V-ray completely from my computer. I dont render very often so this okay for me for the time being but really hoping the issue get resolved soon

(Djordje Trkulja) #100

Turns out is not any Vray’s fault, I had a call from Greece. A friend of mine started to asking questions like: what pc is good enough for Rhino. He told me he had this new AMD Ryzen, GTX1060, 32GM memory etc… I replied, that this is an amazing PC for Rhino. His next question was: So why the computer freezes? I immidiately realized that this is the issue. He have the same problems like all of us, and no plugins were installed on his PC. Just newly updated Windows10 with Rhino5.
So again, McNeel should talk with Microsoft and find the issue!


This is windows 10 fault. Not Rhino software. Rhino works like charme in Windows 7 for example.


But then again we’ll have to wait and see what this “fix” McNeel & co have come up with, is…
I just hope it’s actually something that works…