Rhino V5 FREEZE: Win 10 1709, nVidia display adapters, & V-Ray 3


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Are you running Vray 3 as well?
Did you see the previous comments?


Thank you for the fast answer. Yes, I read all the previous comments but I haven’t come upon any real solution yet. I do run Vray 3. I have disabled the plug-in, but that doesn’t seem to fix the issue.

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Disabled as in Options > Plugins > remove the enabled check for all of the Vray related plug-ins, then close and restart Rhino?


I have disabled all Vray plug-ins as described. Last night I did a pretty long working session and Rhino was stable. The freeze didn’t occur. I will continue to use Rhino with Vray disabled and inform you if the freeze happens also without the plug-in. For now I will turn to the developers from Chaos Group for support.

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Thanks for the details.
If you’re game, you can reenable one of them, restart and see if the problem comes back. My guess is it is just one of their plug-ins and isolating it would help them fix it and other Rhino users to avoid it.

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Thanks Oliver, I checked and I seem to be running the latest vray (3.40.03) for Rhino 5 SR14.

I will try disabeling it and see if it still freezes … fingers crossed!


Hello Word.
After some day off from Rhino, i got crash again… Now i am at a long session without Vray Plugin… Seems smooth… But it is to earlier to celebrate to.


My Rhino 5 SR14 Installation only freezes Windows 10 Fall Creators Update whenever V-Ray 3.xx.xx is installed. I can force it to freeze by opening multiple instances with empty 3DMs.
Apparently the issue is triggered by V-Ray 3.xx.xx as I was able to reproduce it with SketchUp 2018 and its respective V-Ray plugin.
I have even managed to reproduce it in a virtual machine.
After reporting it to Chaos Group they completely ignored me and stated that It was a hardware failure even trough I could reproduce it in a virtual machine and multiple machines with different hardware setups.


Hi again.
@John_Brock I have worked all day now and as it seem the problem lies in the main “V-Ray for Rhino” plug-in. When enabled it crashes, when not, Rhino is stable as always. Still no Info from Chaos Group though.

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Thanks for doing the testing and isolating it.
I hope they figure it out and get a fix posted soon.


Crash again, minutes ago. Same issue. It is from Vray 3.40… Disable it, wont crash.
Reporting to Chaos Group via license but still no answers.

“Chaos” We need Help


Hello, everyone,

If you experience this issue after applying the Win10 Fall Creators Update, please reinstall the V-Ray Online License Server (and as @oliver_borg_von_bulo mentioned, make sure you’re using the latest V-Ray version - 3.40.03).
If the problem persists, please contact Chaos Group support.
@Architex , we’ll look into your report, thank you!

@LowEndSoftware , based on the correspondence between you and my colleague, it appears the issue you have experienced is not related to what is being discussed here. You’ve mentioned your system freezing and then crashing when you use up all available system memory by running a large number of SketchUp/Rhino instances with V-Ray loaded. BSODs indicate hardware-related cause (also, please keep in mind, V-Ray is not officially supported on virtual environments).
If you wish to wish to explain the pipeline you want to achieve, please let us know, and we’ll discuss with our dev team possible solutions.

Kind regards,
Peter Chaushev
V-Ray for Rhino QA

Rhino keeps freezing in Windows 10
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Hello and thanks for the reply.

I have reply to Chaos but with degiuliportier_LV user name, from email register l.barata@dgpa.ch

That is from my Work BOSS register.

Yes, we have reinstalled the last version of Vray to. But the problem persist.


CHAOS GROUP answer to my support request.

They say that we have to re-install V-Ray Online License because Windows 10 Creator Update may possible remove (VRLService).

I have re-installed… now just need to wait if this fix it or not.
Keep working on rhino and Vray


That is absurd it happened to me with a clean install of Windows 10 1709.
It is true that the upgrade process that takes place behind the scenes with Windows 10 Feature updates can sometimes revert services and/or drivers to defaults.
Still that does not fix the issue nor does have to do with the freezes.
You can even uninstall V-Ray Swarm and the freeze will still take place.
Whatever the bug is it has to do with V-Ray itself and it is cross application as it also affects SketchUp 2018.
For some reason Chaos Group support just dumps random generic answers with no technical background.
In my case when I stated that I reproduced it within a virtual machine they stated that it was a hardware issue.
Do they even understand the technical background behind virtualization?


I never said this. My RAM is at 50% or less when the freeze takes place. I only said that when V-Ray is not installed I can fill my RAM near 100% with multiple Rhino Instances and my system remains stable.

Maybe I was not clear enough on this, the system normally freezes and later starts responding with an extremely high latency. I usually leave Task Manager open so I can kill all rhino.exe processes so the system goes back to a normal state. I have created a Windows Performance Analyzer recording during the freeze that I would love to share if I was given the opportunity.
I only got the BSOD when both GPU and DGPU were completely disabled. I examined the Minidump file with WinDbg and it did not point to any specific driver.
My RAM has successfully passed multiple memory tests.
Also BSODs do not directly indicate hardware failure to be technically correct. I could have a software driver or service that caused the kernel to BSOD and it would not mean that my hardware is failing.

The only pipeline I want to achieve is a stable workflow and clearly Chaos Group is not willing to provide it.
I ran multiple Rhino instances to trigger the crash/freeze and confirm that it was V-Ray crashing my system.
I also managed to reproduce it with different hardware setups.
I really do not know what the problem is in recognizing your software is causing trouble everywhere.
The sooner you fix it the happier your customers will be.


Hello …
Today we found that fix method send by Vray support did not work. Vray 3.40.03 for Rhino keeps crash all windows 10 system. Impossible to work on this conditions. It seems to happen with more intensity when we have more than one Rhino instances with multiple files running.

But one thing i have for shore is disabling Vray from Options-Plugin Menu inside rhino; rhino results in smooth work as butter.


and Keeps freezing… and freezing… and crashing… and crashing.


Same here.
Only comfort, is that we’re not alone…
but that is a really small comfort in the greater situation…