Rhino v4 with Rhinophoto


I need to use Rhino 4 in order to use RhinoPhoto. This add on is not working on version 6.
How can I download version 4 ? is this gonna work with my license ?
Do you have any more information about it ?
Thanks for your quick reply.
best regards.

You can download Rhino V4 from here:

But it will not work with a Rhino V6 license.

Ok but I really need a license. Do you have any information about getting one ?

Otherwise I am not going to use rhinophoto ?

Best regards


Philippe Faure

tel : 06 51 83 20 42.

Maybe you can find someone who has a V4 commercial license (that hasn’t been used for an upgrade) and who wants to sell it…

maybe you can try with this plugin instead: